World Conference on Ozone Therapy in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary – Ancona (Italy)

De 22/09/2017 até 24/09/2017

New Frontiers in Ozone Therapy - A formidable ally to conventional medical therapy

22 e 23/09 – Programa científico

24/09 – Workshops

Workshop 1 on:
“Complementary oncology and age related diseases. Systemic ozone treatments in combination with high dose Vit C and other infusions”
9-9:30 Lecture on “The rationale of low-dose ozone followed by high dose Vit C“: Renate Viehban
9:30- 11:00 Practical Part: Michael Schreiber

Workshop 2 on:
” Systemic ozone treatment and the use of ozonized water in holistic dentistry and oral surgery”
11:00- 12:30 Practical Part: Phil Mollica, Bob Harris

Workshop 3 on:
“Ozone pain therapy in rheumatic patients”
11:00- 12:30 Practical Part: Prof. Dr. Ziad Fahmy


Official Language: English
New Frontiers in Ozone Therapy – A formidable ally to conventional medical therapy
. . .
Nuevas fronteras en Ozonoterapia
Un aliado formidable para la terapia médica convencional

. . .
Nuove Frontiere in Ozono Terapia
Un formidabile alleato per la terapia medica convenzionale

Congress President
Prof. Lamberto Re
President of the Italian Federation of Ozone Therapy (FIO)
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Federation of Ozone Therapy (WFOT) 

Honorary Members

Prof. Velio Bocci
Prof. Marco Leonardi†


Valor da inscrição diferenciado para grupo da ABOZ: 450 EUROS


Ancona – Itália